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My Dream Job

Some years ago I was offered what at the time I considered to be a “dream job”. It was even presented to me as such by the boss of the company I worked for.

At last, a “proper” job – the first I’d had in years. Finally, somewhere to hang my hat. Something I craved after years of intermittent employment and low income. Finally, I had arrived!

I was a freelance voiceover artist, recording property descriptions for Estate Agents (Real Estate Companies) in order to sell their properties online.

It seemed ideal. Work from home pretty much when I wanted, without even needing to get out of my pyjamas to do so. 🙂

I soon began to see though that what was at first considered a dream job was, in many ways, no different from any other job.

It didn’t stop me worrying about where there would be enough scripts coming in each month. Or whether my voice would hold out.

It didn’t stop our landlord from deciding to renovate the building we have an apartment in, which involved over a years work.

This work including a lot of noise – drilling etc, so I was constantly having to wait until the workmen had either finished, or were on the lunchbreak in order to record. Either that, or start recording at 6.30am before they started work.

But it was a great reminder that nothing out there in the world has any certainty attached to it. Nothing is what it seems to be.

Fast-forward maybe four years and another opportunity to hang my hat somewhere arose. Working locally in a Yoga Centre teaching Yoga Nidra – a form of guided meditation.

This is something I was already familiar with, having had a  modicum of success teaching it at a local Adult Education College some years earlier.

At first it seemed ideal – no hawking for students and being short of room rental payment if not enough turned up for the class. All that was handled by the Yoga Centre. I received a flat fee regardless.

But although the class was enjoyed by most who attended, and many people reported profound experiences, it simply wasn’t as popular as the more mainstream forms or Yoga on offer.

Eventually, the class was terminated due to low attendance.

There were also several other lessons that I learned there – most of them about giving my power away.

We never really know what’s in our own best interest. How could we from our limited (ego-bound) perspective? When we surrender to the Guidance that’s within us, a way will unfold that is inevitably informed by an our own Omniscient all-loving Self.

More on that another time.